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Total  – Tyra Redevelopment Project

Rubber Lined CL. 150 Butterfly valves / ASTM A995 SDSS / TITANIUM / Sizes 2” to 24” & Tri-function Air Valves ASTM A995 SDSS

8 packages

About Total  – Tyra Redevelopment

Tyra gas field was discovered in 1968 and brought into production in 1984. The gas field was developed with two platform complexes namely Tyra West and Tyra East. The Tyra East complex comprises six offshore platforms, whereas the Tyra West complex houses five platforms.

The DUC joint venture was earlier comprised of A.P. Moller-Maersk joint venture (31.2%), Shell (36.8%), Nordsøfonden (20%), and Chevron (12%).

In 2018, Total acquired the respective stakes of Maersk Oil and Chevron, while Noreco acquired the stake held by Shell.

The redevelopment of the existing Tyra offshore facilities was initiated in 2017. The production platforms had sunk down by 5m, distancing them from the gas field and making the recovery of the reserves impractical.

Tyra gas field is being redeveloped with an investment of kr22.3bn ($3.36bn) to extend its operational life by at least 25 years.

This investment is the biggest ever made in the Danish North Sea.


The Tyra redevelopment project currently consists of 8 valve packages, delivered by Frenstar. These include the main redevelopment valves scopes namely Tyra East, and West. In addition Frenstar are delivering to the various filtration and skid packages.

Proposed Developments

The proposed developments at the Tyra East complex include an 18,188t gas processing topside for the Tyra East G platform, two wellhead topsides for Tyra East B (1,763t) and C (1,366t), and a 2,480t riser topside at Tyra East E.

The project also includes two 1,421t and 1,488t respective wellhead topsides for Tyra West B and C, along with a 335t riser topside at Tyra West E. Two new 100m-long connecting bridges, a 449m-long flare stack will be built for Tyra East, while Tyra West will feature four bridges ranging between 60m to 1,102m.

Six new module support frames, with a total weight of 1,289t, will be fabricated in order to elevate the existing platforms by 13m.

The jackets of the existing four wellhead platforms and two riser platforms will be extended by 10m. A total of 50,000t of facilities, including four wellheads and six riser topsides associated with connecting bridges, will be decommissioned. A number of processing and accommodation amenities will be refurbished as part of the project.

The new infrastructure is expected to encourage operators to undertake new gas projects in the northern North Sea.

IKM Testing. Total Tyra Redevelopment, Frenstar
Image courtesy of IKM Testing


The EPC client was pleased with Frenstar’s performance in delivering high performance butterfly valves and all project deliverables on time for these packages.  

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