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We have gathered everything you need to know about the IMO/ USCG ballast water management regulations in a short guide.

Ballast Water Valves

Frenstar ballast water treatment valves are widely used throughout the world with reliable, efficient and compliant service.

Frenstar manufacture and supply ballast water treatment valves.

What is Ballast Water?

Ballast water is used to maintain safe operation,vessel stability and to ensure vessel structural integrity. Aquatic organisms transported in the ballast water may survive in the host environment, becoming invasive species at risk of catastrophic damage to existing ecosystems. This is recognized as a severe threat by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The IMO convention requires ballast water to be treated to specific standards prior to discharge.

United States Coast Guard (USCG) Regulations

Besides the IMO convention, ships sailing in US waters are required to employ a type-approved Ballast water management system (BWMS) which is compliant with USCG regulations.  Now that the convention has entered into force, ship owners must be compliant with the IMO, and the USCG if necessary.

Ballast water drain from the ship close-up

Ballast Water Treatment

Frenstar have extensive experience in FPSO/ floating platforms/ marine ballast water valves.  The International Maritime Organization (IMO) and United States Coast Guard (USCG) regulations regarding Ballast Water treatment means there is vast upheaval ahead for the mobile drilling & shipping industry. By 7 September 2024, all vessels will have to have an approved ballast water management system (BWMS) installed to reduce organisms in ballast water to IMO and USCG limits.

Under the Convention, all ships in international traffic are required to manage their ballast water and sediments to a certain standard, according to a ship-specific ballast water management plan. All ships will also have to carry a ballast water record book and an international ballast water management certificate.

Our cost-effective Ballast Water valve flow control solutions achieve compliance helping shippers meet the requirement deadline with minimal disruption.

Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS) are a demanding service. With Frenstar valves clients can rest assured the BWTS will run efficiently & reliably. Contact our expert team to discuss the correct valve solution for your BWTS installation.

Our quality and documentation standards ensure traceability and compliance during project execution and final handover to client. Our service is unrivalled on safety, cost, compliance, and efficiency which results in significant value added benefits to our global clients.

A ballast water treatment system is an investment that ensures your vessel’s environmental compliance. Frenstar overcome the challenges presented by utilising our engineering expertise and offering bespoke solutions, in full compliance with specifications and international quality standards.

What are some of the implications regarding ballast water treatment for the marine sector?

  • Penalties for contravention could lead to fines
  • Harbour masters detain vessels suspected of contravening BWM regulations
  • Port disruption due to additional compliance checks for vessels undertaking ballasting operations 
  • Non-compliance with the BWMS regulations may require the vessel to divert its voyage with unplanned financial repercussions such as loss of charters